Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheez-it baby progresses...sort of

Our Little Bird/TiRose/TiZwazo/Rosetaina/The Baby is doing better. She is up to 12 pounds and she has actually gotten enough strength to crawl on her own and to play a little bit. She has also started eating some real foods, though it is a battle every time. On Saturday, I spent an hour forcefeeding her half a plate of spaghetti. So she remains on the feeding tube, but we always try real food first before giving her any formula. We've gotten her into the AIDS program at Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs, a very good free pediatric hospital, but she won't have her first real appointment until the end of this month. She continues to be a cranky mess, probably because she has realized that with 4 white ladies around, someone will almost always be willing to hold her. It's become quite the joke around here now - whenever any of us wants anything, we just pucker up our lips, raise an arm, rub our braids, and moan piteously, just like Little Bird.

(Don't ask about our lovely head coverings. We were really tired and goofy.)

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