Monday, April 27, 2009


How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? Here's how I spent mine:

Boiling my clothes to kill the parasite that has given me a lovely case of scabies. Yes, I am a bit itchy, to say the least. I hold children with scabies all the time; I sit on beds in little shacks that are infested with scabies; I even live with a few babies that have scabies. So I knew I would get it eventually. I guess I can just say I'm blessed to have made it nearly 9 months without it.

That's not all I did on Sunday. I also walked to church with 4 adorable children. We made it without anyone falling down and with only one dress shoe going into a muddy puddle. And then some folks from Wiscosin visited and helped me paint all the girls' nails. All the girls, including Cha-Cha.

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