Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little bird

Cheez-it Baby's feeding tube finally came out 2 weeks ago. Her face suffered from the constant tape but it's healing.

She has started to crawl with encouragement.

Her favorite activity is still braid-rubbing.

She is up to 13 pounds and a much happier baby. Her one great concern in life is trying to figure out where Casey has gone. Every time she sees me, you can tell she's thinking, "Wait a minute. You look a little bit like my white mama, but you are so not her. What did you do with her? Give her back!"

Come home, Casey!


Amanda said...

she is ADORABLE!!!

casey nichols said...

so i have to admit that i often forget to read you blog since i live in the bunk above yours so i just saw this...very cute...and thanks for takin care of the bird while i was gone...i love the one about johnny j too...i hope i am here when the bird decided to become upwardly mobile in some other way than in someone's arms or a sling!