Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My roommate Dan worked in Mexico over the summer and developed an affinity for handwashed clothes: "They're cleaner when they get washed by hand."

So last night he filled our bathtub with hot water, tide, and dirty clothes. He proceeded to mix them with the mop, like a giant witches' brew or something.Then he trod on them, like crushing grapes in a winepress.
I finally persuaded him to stop and to switch to actually washing the clothes. We came pretty close to a few nice Haitian "fftt fftt fftt" sounds and succeeded in changing the color of the water to brown. OK, maybe it was more blue from all of his blue shirts but you've got to give us some credit!
All in all, Dan's right. The clothes do get cleaner when they are washed by hand. The question is whose hand. Not mine and definitely not Dan's.

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