Monday, April 14, 2008

Lots of photos

I need to go through my folders of Haiti photos before this next trip, so here are the ones that didn't fit well with my past posts but deserve to be seen anyways.

Stephanie J and Nehemie learn English with a picture dictionary.
What better place to play cards than in my sink?

James, I think you are a little too heavy for Adler!

Emmanuel helps Monsanto with his homework.

The boys peruse an illustrated medical dictionary in the library.

Wrestling at the guys' house.

Nelcia in her bunk

Camille and Job on the sidelines of the soccer field.

Bath time at NLL

Monsanto and Renick - can these two get more crazy?

Job plays dead.

Monsanto and Renick

Breakfast at the girls' house.

Lovenie all dolled up to go downtown.

Christine and Wislandy

TiJude hides from me in the downstairs courtyard.

And then, being the sweet little boy that he is, he comes out to let me take a real photo.

Nehemie and Mirlanda

Mathurin, Kerlande, Argusto, me, Duck, and Peterson

Martine and baby

Where did Merline Jean get those horrid fake nails?

TiJude and his soccer ball

Nadia loves Stanley!

Ernso carries water the Haitian way.

And uses his head for the ball too.

Acheley loves the little guys!

The boys study a soccer magazine.

Guerdine - isn't she pretty?

Milouse plays with the tea set on Nounoun's bed.

Cutie pies!

Krystel does Edeline's hair.

Mirlanda just does not like Merline Jean.

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acceptancewithjoy said...

Kez, you and Bryn take the most awesome photos! The middle cutie pie is Beverly. My husband and I have adopted her. We have passports, our request to have her declared a relative has been approved. The only thing that has to happen is her orphan investigation and visa ~ we are hoping to bring her home any time.

And, I pray for Camille every day. What a handsome man.