Tuesday, April 22, 2008


No, I don't just mean the miracle of the children's faces when they see me in the hallway, though that is amazing too. The real miracle is that the internet is working at the orphanage without me having to do diddlysquat. I was expecting to spend the next week fighting with the internet providers over the phone, trying to get us up and functional, but instead, I had immediate access as soon as I plugged in the modem and hooked up my computer. Yippee!

I forgot to mention this in my blog of prayer requests pre-departure, but I have to take the nursing national board exam when I get back from this trip. I'm not too worried about the content of the test, but I have to do the physical signing up online a week or so after graduation on May 2nd. Without reliable internet, that would have been a challenge. This also means that I will be able to use the online tutor that our school provides us for exam preparation (though if she tells me to go study something in one of my textbooks, we're going to have a problem. I would have been 100 lbs over the weight limit if I had brought them.)

Of course, how long the internet will keep working is another question. I might only have access today. Who knows. Regardless, I am grateful. I had a few dozen people make me promise to email as soon as I was safely in Haiti, so for their sake, I'm relieved.

That's all for now. I'll transmit more news from the front after I'm a bit more settled into my Haitian home.

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Becky Hinchley said...

Kez - I'm glad you got there safely. Give our little guy Stanley a great big hug and kiss from us!