Thursday, February 7, 2008

15 days

I will be in Haiti in 15 days. Is that ridiculous or what? I just told the kids tonight. Stephanie let out this wild whoop when I told her and Peterson went, "YESSSSS!" Bernadin was a classic response. "I'm coming in 15 days." Silence. "Well, I'm excited that you're so excited, Bernadin."

Apparently, the kids were being trouble-makers when they were using the internet, so they have all been banned from it for an indetermined amount of time. If they want to write anyone, they have to write the message on paper and give it to Bryn to send for them. I gave the girls a lecture over the phone about being respectful and mature, but they insisted that I punish them myself when I come. Kattia requested a punishment of being allowed to eat nothing but chocolate and Stephanie wanted a punishment of chocolate and cookies. Good plan. I asked what they would do when they got sick to their stomachs and started throwing up all over the place. "You're the nurse," they answered. "You just give us meds and we'll be fine." Actually, they said that they have been playing nurse and that when I come, they will go back to Boston in my stead so they can do my job and I can stay at the orphanage. Another good plan.

If you have letters or gifts that you would like to send to the kids, please email me ( so we can arrange that.

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