Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scissors and paper and glue, oh my!

A bunch of my wonderful friends from Northeastern University spent 3 hours last night helping me put together prayer journals for the kids. Each kid will get a journal with his or her name on the front, a Bible verse specific to him or her on the back, and 9 weeks worth of Bible study questions and guides to prayer on the inside. Putting one of them completely together takes a very long time so I have quite a few left. My Bible study mates will help me put more together on Tuesday and then I'll have Wednesday and Thursday to rush through the rest of them. My good friend Christine drove me around all afternoon yesterday getting supplies for the journals, so that the kids can decorate them further when we get to Haiti. We also bought a whole lot of candy and then my journal-decorating friends brought us several more bags! I am looking forward to this trip more and more!