Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clinic day 3

I did more gen consult with Carole again today. At some point during the morning, I took the clipboard away from her and started doing all the interviewing, diagnosing and medication administration myself. Oh, I love it! Later in the day, I helped all the nurses research information about folic acid and pregnancy for the radio program that they run as well as general patient education at the clinic. I played a ton of tag and hide and seek and I think we're going to be telling ghost stories tonight.

I head into PAP tomorrow to pick up my friends Christine, BethAnn and Kendall. I'll get them settled into their guesthouse and go back to the orphanage. I get to see my kids tomorrow ~ happy dance !

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Chops said...

Keep up the good work, Kez! I'm glad they're keeping you busy down there.

I just dropped the AP's off at Logan, so it's just me and Barn at home now.