Sunday, February 24, 2008

Made it!

I made it to Haiti despite the nasty storm in the northeast and I am so glad that I did! It has been the usual intense joy of seeing the kids again, just being able to hug them and talk with them and laugh with them. I am at the orphanage now after spending the day in church essentially ALL day. The kids are all in bed after getting far more than one good night kiss from me (the rules always get a little fuzzy when I've been gone for a while) and it's very peaceful. I will be heading to bed shortly and tomorrow, I pack my bags to go to Cazale to visit Grace Health Center, the same clinic where my friends and I worked in December. I will return to HFC on Friday.

For some strange reason, my computer charger is not charging my computer. I am using Bryn's computer right now, and will continue to do so as needed, but that will limit the amount of updates that I do while I'm here. I may end up doing like I did in December and posting all the stories after I return to the States.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and the kids! They are all doing really well and living the HFC life with lots of giggles and tickling. We love you all!


Mandy said...

YAY! I'm so glad you got there!! I kept thinking about you all day on Friday and almost called you to see if you were in Miami, but I figured that was too stalker-ish or mother-ish ---- I figure you already have a mom and you don't need a stalker, so I didn't call.

Have a great week at your clinic --- do some nasty foot stuff for me! :)


Angela said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad to hear you made it. I've been thinking of you often the last few days and wondering where you are at that moment and how very very happy you must be!!

I sure hope you won't have to wait to share updates. Dying to hear them!

Much love,

Chops said...

Glad you made it, Kez!

Anonymous said...

KEZ! I am so happy that you made it there safe! I hope you have the best time ever! I can't wait to hear stories when you get back!
<3 ya
Erin Bovenzi