Sunday, February 3, 2008

He is just too sweet

I received the following email from my darling Duckhein today:

"Hi. Mwen pi renmen ekri an angle kounye a le mwen sou net, li pi fasil pou mwen, wi. (I prefer to write in English now when I'm on the net, it's easier for me, really.) Eske ou toujou kontinye vomi? (Are you still vomiting? I got food poisoning last week.) Did you ask the doctor if they're used to be afraid when they see someone who's sick as you told me last night? I think they will say yes. (I am doing a rotation in the ICU and he wants to know if we ever get scared.) Don't forget, when you come you will give me all your money and when I will be a rich man, I will help you in all you do. (Result of a conversation about whether you need to be rich to be happy and what God says to do with your money if you are rich.) I cannot write so long. Bryn tell me to write short, but you know I love you and you are in my heart.
I love you.
Your good friend Duck"

1 comment:

Angela said...

AHHHHHHHH!! What a doll! Isn't it great getting those letters again?

I'm sorry you were so sick but glad to hear you are better!