Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Choosing a career

Our carpenter spent all last week building cabinets for the boys' living room. Each boy will get a square to put his backpack, his personal clothes, and any little belongings he has. This will eliminate the stacks of books, bags, and t-shirts that are beside the beds, on the beds, and under the beds. It may also allow a few of the NLL boys to sleep on a bed instead of just a mattress on the floor. Though actually, several of the boys sleep on the floor by choice. It's cooler on the ground and there is less risk of falling. Plus, if you're all arms and legs like Mathurin, there is a lot more room to stretch out if you have the whole floor as your bed.The boys were very intent on all the work. They watched and learned, assisting when they could by holding planks in place, handing the carpenter tools when he asked for them, and keeping the rowdy younger boys away from the work site.

The carpenter and his assistant cut and prepared planks in the covered courtyard at the girls' house. When they left for the day and when they went to the boys' house to work, all their equipment and materials stayed on one side of the courtyard. And thus we learned that even the girls are interested in carpentry!

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