Saturday, May 24, 2008

On the boys' roof

Whenever I start playing at the boys' house, I have to take off my camera. I generally leave it in the gallerie on the bench or the window sill. Inevitably, it is gone when I go looking for it later. I never worry though, because I know that it is in one of two places: on Renick's or Job's shoulders. They have become my self-appointed camera keepers and whenever given the opportunity, they become my photographers too. I do not let the kids take photos with my camera unless I am there, (too great a risk of breaking an expensive camera or inadvertantly deleting my photos) but that rule gets broken at least once every trip by both boys and girls. This time, it was a Sunday afternoon at the boys' house when Job snuck my camera up to the roof and captured these priceless portraits.

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