Monday, May 19, 2008

Ret nan ke mwen

Alex got a bloody nose at Sunday school last week, so he came back to the pension with me to help do church with the NLL kids. We told the story of David and Goliath, sang more songs, and colored a picture of David and his sheep. Yolanta is an amazing color-er! The carpenter had left all his supplies in the covered courtyard, and the open courtyard would have been far too hot, so we took over the second floor hallway. A big thanks to our amazing janitors, Luckner, Janel, Elize, Raphael, and Soufran, for keeping the floor clean enough that we can sprawl out all over it.
All of the NLL kids, big and small, love to look out the windows and yell at people in the street. Alex was a big help in keeping them safe as they climbed up and down. They are perfectly happy when they have an older boy or girl to play with, especially if they can get the kid to hold them. Alex was very compliant and he always had one or two girls in his arms, on his back or in his lap.

Follow this link to see the NLL girls singing a Haitian worship song at "church":

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