Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I left the orphanage at 6am on Monday morning and met with John Ackerman, an RN who runs a little clinic is Prospere, out beyond Croix de Bouquets. I spent the day with him, treating about 60 patients for the usual malaria, heart burn, colds, typhoid, and diarrhea. In the late afternoon, he delivered me to QCS (a Christian school on Delmas 75) where I was reunited with my dear friend Kim Hargrove.

I spent the night with Kim last night and went out to "the ravine" with Sherri from Christian Light Ministries and Mary, a colleage of Kim's from the school. We walked through the neighborhood, treating children for scabies, worms, chickenpox, malaria, head fungus, and colds. It was fantastic! Sherri needs a nurse to go out with her again next week, so I will go with her. This afternoon, Kim and I have soccer practice with some of the students and tomorrow I will be speaking at the school chapel. (Don't know what I'm going to speak about yet, but I will be speaking about something!) I should also be going out to a clinic in Croix de Bouquets on Thursday or Friday. And somewhere in there, playing a soccer game of staff vs. students. The staff desperately needs back-up!

I have photos but not my computer, so I will add them and more stories from the clinics when I get back to HFC at the end of the week.

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