Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday celebrations

Claudine turned 3 this week, so we had a special dinner for the older kids. Unfortunately, we didn't get the food ready until nearly 6:30pm, so Claudine was already asleep. We woke her up so she could attend her own birthday, but she was a little groggy for most of it.

Dannae turned 25 last week, so we treated ourselves to a nice Sunday lunch at the Montana Restaurant. Friends of ours from church, Dottie, Deedee, Jenny, Leslie, and Mary, joined us and Dorothy for enormous portions of roast chicken and the most scrumptious chocolate cake I've ever eaten.

On Tuesday, Dannae's actual day of birth, we had a mini celebration at home with Kevs. Nay-Nay and I made homemade pizza. I never thought a piece of pizza could be that good!


Natasha Rae Taylor: lovex3 said...

aw...yeah for birthdays! hugs all around! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Give Mom (Dorothy) a hug from us and tell her we love and miss her, would you?

Tell her that her grandson started signing last weekend (tree, alligator, more, grapes). :)