Friday, February 27, 2009

Bunk beds

I got to spend a few days this week with my HFC kids during their Mardi Gras/Carnaval vacation. There was an American team visiting too and one of their big projects was building bunk beds for the kids.

What a great idea! Most of our kids are too big for the little metal bunks that they sleep in, and the beds are not very comfortable, especially if you are as tall as Duck or Argusto - your head hits the upper bunk every time you sit up! Plus, it's a good project for the boys to learn some skilled manual labor.

There's only one drawback to the new bunks: they are huge and the HFC bedrooms are rather small. We moved all the beds out of Boys' Room 1 and put them in the salon while 2 new beds were assembled in the bedroom. This meant that all day, instead of sitting in chairs and on the floor to watch soccer games and play dominoes, we all sat, laid, and crawled on bunks. And come evening, we couldn't fit any of the 4 metal bunks back in the bedroom, so in the salon they stayed. 4 boys slept on the new bunks, and 4 others camped out in the salon.

I'm not sure how they are going to work things out with the bed situation. In general, we are losing 2 to 4 beds per room by putting in the new bunks. Don't get me wrong - they are beautiful and sturdy and comfy and I love them, BUT it would be nice if half the boys did not have to sleep on the floor.

More updates on the bed fiasco when I visit HFC in April.


Ransomed~Redeemed said...

I love your blog! I love reading about Haiti. sigh. Can you please tell me, how do you pronounce your name? I ask as I am searching biblical girl names for my upcoming baby. I LOVE Keziah. But hubby and I don't know if we are saying it properly. Is it.
KEY-ZI ( as in eye)-UH?
kez- I-UH?
Have you heard it pronounced differently? i am tempted to stalk down a Hebrew speaking person and ask them. Thank you SO much!
ALida w4

Scott Dugan said...

Hello this is Scott Dugan, we came down in Oct on the mission trip from WV. I follow your blog often.You ladies continue to inspire all of us. Is there anything that we could help with from here. I know it might sound crazy, but never underestimate the resources that GOD has. Is the water actually coming in through the windows or is it leaking through the walls? All of us from WV continue to think of you all and lift you up in prayer.