Sunday, February 8, 2009

Youth Sunday

I am a leader at the youth group at my church here in Haiti. We meet every Saturday afternoon for singing, a group talk, small group time, and a whole lot of soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I love it because I get to have quality time with some of my Quisqueya students and because I am getting to know many of the young people that live in our neighborhood. It's nice to walk down the street now and see kids that I know by name.

Last Sunday was Youth Sunday, where the youth leads every aspect of the Sunday morning service. They do announcements, lead singing, collect offering, pray, and even preach. And at the very end, the entire youth group got up and sang "How Great is our God" in front of the church. It was a special day.

Choosing someone to preach was tough. There are only a few kids in youth that are mature enough and comfortable enough with English to be considered and most of them either could not be present that week or were already leading another aspect of the service. It came down to the freshmen. We spoke with two of my students, Israel and Nathan, and after they discussed together and prayed, they agreed that Nathan should do it. So on Sunday morning, Israel stood up and introduced his friend Nathan, "a young man of upstanding character and sincere love", and then gave the floor to 14 year old Nathan who preached to the congregation about the hope that is found in Christ alone. I was very proud.

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Janet said...

How cool is that? The HFC kids should get to know the Quisqueya kids, eh? Who knew the influence you'd have? Praise God for your faithfulness, Kez!