Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you, Mom!

It was wonderful having my family visit over Christmas, but the fun didn't stop there, thanks to my mom. My mom is the queen of gift-giving. She is so good at finding the perfect item that I have requested or better yet, a little surprise that she knows will make my day. In the weeks since my family left, I and everyone around me has been blessed countless times by my mother's thoughtfulness. Thank you, Mom!

Play dough!

A doll and bottle for the girl who comes to our feeding program.

A DVD player for movies and music, much appreciated by me and Johnny.

Fun hats!

Giving a shot by light of my new headlamp after we had lost power.

A special carpenter's tool box just for Cha-Cha

Fun crafts to do with the older kids

Banana chips - YUM!

This one's a triple: I'm reading a Redwall book that she sent for Kevs, by the light of a reading lamp she sent for me, wearing my new favorite sweatshirt she gave me.

Crackers with cheese dip - YUM again!

Not to forget all the other things that are hard to capture in photo such as the fudge (which in true Keziah fashion, I have yet to even start eating, Mom. It's gotta last a long time!), the CDs, the photo of Katrina which is on my wall, the shampoo and soap (my roommates especially thank you for that!), my new dotted shirt, my old green sweatshirt, my baseball glove (Kevs and I have played together a few times), the hand sani (Sherrie's supply just ran out - perfect timing), the kids' underpants, the beading kit for the toddlers, the books, Bend it Like Beckham...the list goes on and on.

I cannot thank you enough. My quality of life has increased exponentially since your visit. Mom, I love you.

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