Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alive & well!

(Posted by Kez's mother)

Thank you once again for your prayers.

I just got off the phone (after about 25 attempts to get thru) with Keziah. When today's shock hit, Kez jumped out of her bed, grabbed Vanessa Carpenter and the doctor and got all three of them into the most protected room in the house. She knew it was an aftershock, but didn't think for a second that it was any stronger than the many felt all last week. When I told her that it registered over 6. on the Richter, she was just amazed.

No damage to her house, no further damage to the St. Joe's buildings, no new injuries. In fact, when I finally reached her, Kez was taking a break from her nursing rounds and sitting on a roadside "enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning with a lovely cool breeze"!

Kez had wondered why I missed our daily morning call, never thinking that the phone lines would be jammed from all the concerned people trying to get through to their Haitian relatives after yet another scare. She is looking forward to today's arrival of the USNS Comfort and to joining their medical team's efforts.

The three most badly injured of her patients have gone to hospitals. The children at St. Joe's will be moved to Trinity House in Jacmel today. Vanessa and the American doctor with her will get to work on medical visas for children and with opening their surgical center.

It is a good day in Port-au-Prince!


Wendy said...

Kez - let us know if we can host any of the kids who get medical visas! There are lots of wonderful hospitals near us! - Wyeth & Wendy

margaret said...

Beth, thank you so much for updating with everything you know. We are praying for Kez, for earthquake victims and for the rebuilding of Haiti, and for your family. Take heart.

abbey mac said...

KEZ there is baby formula in the upstairs pantry in the missionary living quarters and it's all yours. Have you been to QCS since Monday? There is some stuff we left for you. Praying for you!

Hannah said...

Praise the Lord. Keziah, you are in His hands. Mrs. Furth, thank you so much for updating this blog. I literally check it multiple times a day, and it is good to read the updates.

Emily said...

Kez, I just donated to your organization via Paypal. I know its been years since we've been in touch, but I'm so happy you're ok and that there was someway I could aid in the efforts. The news here gets more and more heartwrenching everyday.