Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back on the ground

I went back on the ground yesterday to try to get some kids onto the Comfort for treatment. Thanks to bureaucratic frustrations, it didn't happen, but we did end up moving some to the Miami University Hospital base at the airport. The man who authorized the move? Senator John Edwards. I carried stretchers with him all afternoon yesterday. And frankly, as nice as it was to have an extra set of hands, I could have done without the camera men and the news reporters.

I made it home last night around 8pm. My wonderful assistant G was anxiously awaiting me with a plate of macaroni and a big hug. It was nice to be home. Today, G and I have been out delivering formula to Dorothy's (her kids are all doing great) and later, we are going to keep trying to get food donations to our refugees. The UN and US Army are handing out food in specific locations such as the palace and Ground Zero (a refugee camp on Delmas 48 that has probably 15000 people). A few banks and Western Unions have opened. The lines are dreadful.

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