Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keziah update, Thursday Jan. 21

(Posted by Kez's mother)

I just spoke with Keziah. She is on her way to the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince, hoping to connect with someone who can get her to the USNS Comfort. Communication is very, very difficult and she has not heard from anyone on the Comfort. Kez has a cell phone that receives, but cannot make, calls.

Commander Strong came to see her again last night. He brought more supplies (Thank you!!) and spent time having the kind of talk that people who have been thru trauma need to have. Pray for him, please, to be encouraged and strengthened for the weighty task ahead.

People have asked about the patients in Kez's photos. Re. the man with the burned hair and scalp, Kez packed the wound, gave him an injectable antibiotic and sent him to the hospital. The dust-covered man died. The woman with the crushed feet and lower legs died. The woman with the face wounds died. The boy with torso bandages died.

On a happier note, the two men who are joyously hugging are G, Kez's faithful assistant and bodyguard, and his father -- reunited after several days of not knowing each other was alive. Today's photos include one of Keziah and G standing together as a mighty team.

Hopefully, Kez will get on the Comfort today; but if not, she will continue working wherever she is. There is still much to be done.


L Weber said...

Please let Kez know that my cousin, Lesley Clark, is on board the Comfort now. Lesley is a reporter for the Miami Herald; she has been in Haiti for several days and filed a report from on board the Comfort this morning. I don't know how long Lesley is scheduled to be on the ship, but I've told her about Kez and it would be wonderful if they could connect. It really is a small world! So glad to hear she's doing well.

Anne said...

Again thank you so much for mentioning Dave. I don't know if you are able to send anything to Keziah but I have a Coast Guard contact in Miami that is able to get things to Dave. I will add things into the shipment for her if you'd like. My email is

Jean W said...


Just make a donation to your work. Know that all of us at Chop Point are praying for you.