Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kez emails home after the earthquake

[Kez's parents are posting this email she sent via a friend's computer, received 5:10 pm on Jan 14, 2010]

Hi Mom and co. I am fine, not a scratch on me. St Joseph's [Boys' Home, across the street from where I live] is down, one of the boys and my neighbor Bill badly hurt. I've been caring for them and hundreds of others. Tired but doing OK.

I got to sleep a little last night while I was at hospital with Bill. I am back at my house right now, still have about 300 people camped out there that I am caring for as well as Bill who is stable now. Things are crazy here. People are getting evacuated, I think.

We're going to be OK though; it's just going to be tough for a while. No electricity, hard to get water, lots of the streets are blocked.

I haven't heard anything about HFC but it was closer to the epicenter of the quake than us, so I am scared for them.

I am fine, really and truly. Don't worry about me much. I'm not in any danger and I have people who are yelling at me [in a good way, telling me to take care of myself], feeding me and making me drink. We still have small tremors now and then but nothing real. Those are supposed to stop by Friday.

Gotta go back to the injured people. More when things calm down some.

[Kez's parents writing: ]
Keziah did a phone interview with ABC News just a few hours after the earthquake hit. It has been part of their reporting on national news and on Nightline (1/12). There have been several stories that quote her; one of them is online at


Susan said...

I am so glad to hear Kez is safe as well as the orphanage. My daughter, Rebecca, and her friend, Anna, spent last Christmas (2008) with the orphans. When Rebecca found out they were okay, I immediately asked about Kez. I too am a nurse, so when Rebecca came home I asked lots of questions about medical conditions in Haiti and learned all about your wonderful, brave daughter. Please continue with updates as you receive them. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and Haiti. Susan Alexander

Rachel D said...

Hey Kez, it's Rachel!!!
i am so glad that you are OK!
Please continue to stay safe. I am praying for you and the people of Haiti. They are so lucky to have such a talented nurse caring for them.

Lauren said...

Kez & family,
I'm so happy to hear all of this. Thank you, Furth family, for putting this up for us to see. I hope you know just what an amazing daughter and sister you have in Kez. And to my angel of a friend- stay safe! Remember that while you care for others, they count on you to care for yourself as well. Sleep when you can, drink clean water, and know that you are not alone in this fight. I love you.

Hannah said...

Keziah you are in my prayers... you are so brave and the Lord will guide you and strengthen you each step of the way. I love you very very much and am thinking of you constantly here. My host family knows about you as well, and the situation in Haiti.

Much much love and many prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kez,

It's really good to hear all that you're doing to help out your people. You truly are an inspiration to many. May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

Manny D

Ursuline Academy, Dedham said...

Keziah - you are in everyone's thoughts & prayers!

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