Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As seen on ABC World News Sunday, Jan 17

[Posted by Keziah's parents]

Keziah was on national TV Sunday night, on ABC World News! The story is online here.

The story is about Bill Nathan, former child slave and current anti-slavery crusader who runs the St. Josephs' orphanage across the street from Kez's house, who saved his life by jumping from a 5th floor roof as it collapsed, and whom Keziah nursed for the next three days until help arrived. During the story, you see Bill being supported by Keziah and Ben Skinner, an American who hired a charter plane to bring Bill to the US for medical attention. Here's part of what Ben wrote to the ABC News reporters and producers:

"As many of you know, Bill is the remarkable antislavery activist, and a survivor of child slavery himself, who runs Maison St. Joseph's, a shelter for homeless children on Delmas 91. The shelter is completely destroyed, save for the first three floors, which will have to be demolished, where I slept on Fri night with Bill and Kez Furst [sic], the young American nurse who kept Bill alive to this point. Kez is my new hero: she's 24, just graduated Northeastern, and since then has volunteered as a solo nurse in Haiti treating desperately injured homeless in ravines and gutters. She treated Bill alone for three days before I showed up, along with everyone else in a 5 block radius--all with less medical supplies than the average public school nurse. I played nurses aide to her as she treated wounds at the nearest encampment. She has wisdom and talent well beyond her years."


Mandy said...

SO proud of you, Kez. What an amazing difference you have made in the lives of SO many people. Praying for you NOW!!

G Gomez said...

Hi Kez, I have been praying for you since I met you in Haiti last year. Your work and love for Haitian people inspire me to be a better human being.
God bless you and your children.
G Gomez