Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25 - Keziah update

(Posted by Keziah's mother)

We received a 30-second phone call from Keziah last night (Sunday); we tried to call her back many times with no success. About 1/2 hour later, we got a text message saying she was back on the USNS Comfort.

This is good news because we know that when she is on board, Kez is taken care of and that she will likely get a good night's sleep. Right now, her plan seems to be to alternate between translating for the medical staff on the Comfort and returning to her neighborhood to feed and provide medical care to the 200+ who are still camped out there.

We'll post more info as it comes in.


Jonathan & Ruth Marshall said...

how grateful we are for God's great provision for dear Keziah! Our family will continue to pray for her.We have presented her as a specific to the earthquake prayer need in some churches. that also includes some prayers for her family. May God comfort & encourage all of the Firths! ~Ruth Marshall

Anonymous said...

Kez....God love you!!!
My prayers are with you and all of the people you are sharing this ordeal with. The Hatian people are fortunate to have you and you them.
Mario is not available, but I set this up for him and will have him read your blog and write a note later.
Carol T.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I'm John Hilliard, a reporter with the Brookline TAB. We're putting together a story on locals who are contributing to the relief effort in Haiti, and we'd like to speak to Ms. Furth or a member of her family about the work she is doing as a nurse. If someone could contact me at I would appreciate it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kez I found out abot what you are doing for the people down in Haiti and am not surprised your going sleepless to help others. I hope your doing ok and be sure to pay attention to yourself as well.

The Super Amazing Indestrucible Mario