Saturday, January 23, 2010

A day of paradise

On Thursday I made it to the General Hospital, connected with some of Comfort staff and was able to convince them to let me on board. They threw me in a Humvee, and when I climbed out at the other end, I found myself standing on the lawn of the presidential palace. That was a surprise. We airlifted from the palace and took three patients and me to the ship.

Many of the physicians that I worked with last year are still on board, so they were very happy to see me and put me to work translating. It was nice to be in place where patients are getting the best possible care, even if things are hectic and overcrowded.

My friends on board pampered me. Lt Commander Marino did my laundry for me. He even folded my underpants :) Commander Donahue gave me milk. Oh happy day. Dr Scouten gave me chocolate and a wheelchair so I could hold my little adopted patient and wheel around the ER. And at night, I got to sleep in Donahue's bunk with a fleece blanket. I slept a full 8 hours. Amazing. Every time I walked onto the deck where his quarters are located, I walked past signs forbidding female personnel. These are the perks of being a VIP with the head honchos.

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