Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby steps

On Saturday Commander Strong got me into Ground Zero and I was able to convince the US Army contingent there to send me a load of food for my refugee camp. They loaded up 2 SUVs with water and meal packets, enough for 2 days. Men and children from the camp helped me unload it and G distributed it over the weekend.

Our next big victory came yesterday. A large building collapsed at the top of my street making my neighborhood difficult to access by car and especially difficult for large vehicles. So we had been unable to get a water truck to come down and fill our cisterns. My biggest fear was that we would run out of water for bathing and for filtering into drinking water. G and I worked on the issue for 2 days until we finally maneuvered a truck up our street and all the way to my Shoebox. We were able to fill my cistern and the cistern in the field where my refugees are camped out. Now we will all have water for a month or more. It was a good day!


Anonymous said...

Kez, Good to see those soldiers helping you out. I feel I should be there helping too.
LTC McSkimming

Hannah said...

That story about you going into Ground Zero and getting the troops to give you food and water is awesome Keziah. I love thinking about you marching up to the US military and getting them to bring food and water to your camp. You are awesome. :-) Prayers and thoughts as always.

Meghan's Blog said...

its amazing how you start off with trouble but it is a victory in the end. You are blessed, Keziah.

Mrs. SF said...

It's good to know that some of your needs are being met. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. After getting to know you at UA, I'm not surprised that you chose to serve where you can make a great difference, but I never expected you would be in place for something as extraodinary as this disaster. Hang in there--you have many who are praying for you. Isaiah 40:31 and Phil. 4:13
Sue Fleck