Thursday, March 13, 2008

24 hours

The girls asked me what I would do if I only had 24 hours left to live. I turned the question back on them and these were their answers:

Argentine - I would go to the beach and stay at a lovely little house on the beach. I'd bring my sisters and all my family with me and we would just walk on the beach and enjoy the ocean.

Youdemie - I would go see everyone who I love to tell them good-bye.

Debbie - I would sleep for 23 hours straight, then wake up and pray for the last hour.

Kattia - I want to have kids before I die, so I would have 12 children. (In 24 hours?!?) Yes, 4 of them biological and 8 of them adopted. And then, assuming I had special powers in my last 24 hours, I would wake my father up from the dead so that I could meet him. I've never met him and I want to know what he is like and how I came to be.

Jeanine - I would go see my friends and family to tell them thank you, I love you, and good-bye. Then I would eat as much as I possibly could (who wants to die on an empty stomach, right?), sleep for a while, and then pray.

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