Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday evening

I had just come back from saying good-bye to Evens at the seminary when I saw Claudette walk through the pension gate. Someone had mentioned that Dr B and Claudette might be coming to spend the night, but I hadn't been sure that it was true. When they come to the orphanage, they stay in the same spare bedroom where I usually stay on my visits. And since they consider it "their room", they hate arriving and seeing my stuff in the room, like they don't want to feel that they are kicking me out, but at the same time, they do want to be able to sleep in their room. So when Claudette walked in, I dashed out of the courtyard and up the stairs to the third floor.

Bryn was already up there, frantically clearing my belongings out of the spare room. I don't stay very neat when I'm at the pension so there was a lot of clearing to be done. The girls all gathered at the door and laughed as we raced back and forth carrying out mattresses, suitcases, and sheets. "Don't just stand there! Help us!" So they joined the chaos. We had the entire room emptied and clean in under 2 minutes. And then we all collapsed in Bryn's room and laughed our heads off.

Downstairs in the chapel/biggest classroom, Emmanuel was making a chalkboard welcome poster for Family Friday, an new activity that Kerlande has started with the kids. They all gathered after dinner for a sort of group Bible study followed by cultural time (which in Haiti usually means songs, dances and poetry get performed). Things were cut a little short this night because Dr Bernard was there, but they did some singing and praying and then heard a message from a seminary student who attends the seminary in Fort Mercredi. He spoke about David and reminded the kids that if David could start as a humble shepherd and become a great king, they can also do great things.
While Family Friday was finishing up, Bryn, Kylene, Christine and I were preparing smores for the kids. I made smores for all the boys when I took them on a retreat to Thomasin last year and they loved them so much that I promised to make them again. We heated up marshmallows in the microwave and banged out 60 smores right there in our room.

The best part of making smores this way is the marshmallow - it gets sticky and gooey and all over your hands! And it tastes wicked good.

Mikerlange and Beana get their smores

Bernadin - "Just one? Last time you made us each two." Just say thank you and enjoy it, greedy pants!

Yum, heavenly.


John Peter




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