Sunday, March 16, 2008


Degraff = "Samelo" - no clue where that came fromI call Drisk "Mon Chevre" (My Goat) because his last name is Chevry

The boys call Miscardet "Master Negatif" because he can put a negative spin onto any situation. He generally doesn't believe what he's saying, but he says it nonetheless.

Wislandy is known as "Piwili" (Lollipop) because the girls say she has a thin body and a large head. I don't really see this one.

I call Renick "Spiderman" because he's obsessed with the movies.

I get called "Ti Lapen" (Little Rabbit) by Evens, Renick and some of the other boys. Alex calls me "Gwo Rat" (Fat Rat) and coach Manno calls me "Keke".

Everybody calls Souille (Stanley) "Touille" probably because that's how he used to lisp his own name.

This little one is simply called "Ti Alex" because she is Alex's little sister.

The girls call Nadia "Ginou". Ginou is one of the laundry ladies who is skinny and tall, just like Nadia.

This is my favorite: the boys call Monsanto "Bobby". Where in the world did that come from?

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DotBlogger said...

Great looking kids! Do you have any of Yolanta and Quetelene from NLL? :) They are my daughters. I love them.