Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday afternoon part 1

OK, I know that this story is going to sound really strange, but just keep in mind that our minds are all a little addled by the heat and we can get very blaze very fast. It started with Alex. I was joking around with him and some of the other boys downstairs at their house. I tried to get a photo of Alex but he flopped down on the bunk and wouldn't look at me. "You look like you're dead, Alex!" I teased him. Renick jumped up, all excited. "That's a great idea, Keziah! Let's get photos of everyone dead!" So we did. And instead of looking at us like we were insane every time we asked someone to die for us, they all complied cheerfully.

Alex Jerome




Over at the girls' house, the older girls and I got into a discussion about what makes you a man and what makes you a woman. We were having a very nice give and take, with everyone sharing their thoughts and everyone laughing a lot. Then Jean Claude, the new "manager" joined in. He is a teacher by training, so what had been a conversation turned into a lecture about hormones and secondary sex characteristics. Mesi, prof!

Debbie was working on that evening's pate while we talked.

Chrystel was also hard at work
I joined the younger girls upstairs and they started to scold me because I don't generally bring nice sandals for church when I come to Haiti. I have told them many times that a) God cares more about my heart than my feet, b) I am terrified that I will fall down the seminary hill if I walk it in heels, and c) I have limited suitcase space, so I can either bring nice shoes or I can bring gifts for them - their choice. They just wave my arguments aside and loan me nice sandals for special events like my birthday party last year and Christmas dinner.
Jessica started pulling the girls' new Christmas shoes from under the beds and making me try them all on. Pretty soon, all the girls were gathered, watching the "Keziah's feet modeling show".
Sandals were not enough. They started to take out skirts too and made me and Christine try them all on. I told them that from now on, I'm not bringing any of my own clothes. I'll just join in the Saturday night rush to choose a nice church outfit from the clothing barrel.

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