Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poopy stories

Story 1: When HFC had just opened, the children were very young. They didn't have beds yet, so they all slept on sheets on the floor. One night, Daniel, who was probably about 3 years old, pooped through his diaper. He was lying right near Evens, who was about 6 years old then, and Evens got poop in his hair. When he woke up, he was all messy and for years, the other kids called him "Kaka-head." To this day, Evens maintains that it was Daniel's fertilizer that gives him the healthy, full head of hair that he sports.

Story 2: One night when I was hanging out with the girls, I got asked this question:
"Keziah, we have brown skin and our poop is brown. Your skin is white. So does that mean your poop is white?"

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