Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday morning

A few of the children have music lessons on Saturday mornings. Peterson is playing the trumpet.Jacques plays the clarinet.
And Fabiola plays the clarinet. The two of them will be performing a song with Levy on Easter Sunday at the Baptist church. Fabiola is excited about it, Jacques is dreading it, and both of them are nervous about it.
Each Saturday, one of our boys helps out with preparing the weekend's meals. Last Saturday, it was Acheley. Apparently, one of our boys left the orphanage not knowing how to cook spaghetti, so we've decided that some rigorous kitchen education is necessary.

Mathurin got busy cleaning off the top of the dresser in room 3, downstairs at the boys house.
Carmelle scrubbed the table clothes in the courtyard and refused to look at the camera.
I helped Mikenlove and Fabiola write letters to their sponsors. The children pray for their sponsors daily during devotions, and not because they are prompted to by the nannies, but because they choose to. Whoever is leading devotions asks if there are any prayer requests and someone always says "Please pray with me for our sponsors." Thank you to everyone who sponsors our kids!

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