Thursday, March 13, 2008

Zandolit hunters

It all started with Job. I was taking a photo of Monsanto when Job came running up and thrust a stick into my face. "Wow," he gasped. "You're really brave, Keziah." "Why am I brave? It's just a stick?" And then I looked closer and realized that there was a half dead zandolit (lizard) hanging off the end of the stick. OK, now I get it.After the zandolit died, I told the boys that they had to give it a proper burial. So they made a grave marker and wrote the zandolit's name, Alex, on it. They also placed a few ferns beside the grave.
And finally, Renick led the boys in prayer: "God, thank you for the life of this wonderful zandolit, even though we killed it..."

A few minutes later, Richecarde ran up and proudly showed us a full grown zandolit that he had found already dead behind one of the buildings.The boys prepared a grave for this one too, complete with ferns and a grave stone that bore the zandolit's name: Keziah. Thank you, boys. You are too kind.
Renewing their zandolit hunter vows over the grave of poor Keziah.

The band of hunters: Camille, Jude, Monsanto, Job, Renick, and Ernso

Searching the bushes

Job knocking victims off the wall

Renick and Monsanto are ready for battle

TiJude and Jude team up

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