Saturday, March 15, 2008


The children go to Bataillon at the Baptist church on Saturday afternoons. Bataillon is sort of like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for the church. The youth are in levels, their leader is called a general, each boy is called a brigadier, and they follow strict rules. They have weekly meetings that include Bible discussions as well as training in how to act as Bataillon members. Sometimes they go on fun outings such as hiking, cinema, the beach, and visiting other towns in Haiti. Our kids just started going 3 weeks ago, but they all enjoy it thus far.

The boys have to tuck in their shirts - they weren't crazy about that rule.
The meeting always starts with lining up and marching exercises while the flag is raised and the Bataillon theme verse is recited and their song is sung. In a few months, there will be a public demonstration of their marching abilities. It sort of reminded me of the Sound of Music, when Captain von Trapp has all the kids line up and state their names. Probably helped that most of our girls were wearing matching blue shirts.

I don't really know what the salute signifies, but Monsanto's got it down pat.

Argusto is thrilled to be the front of his line.

The leaders pace up and down the lines, making sure that shirts are tucked, shoulders are square, feet are spread, and arms at at the side.
After our kids finish their stint in the beginners group, they will begin helping out at the church with offering, seating people, and with special events such as concerts and weddings. For now, it gives them an opportunity to meet more Christian young people and to be out of the house on the weekend. And considering how much time the girls put into getting ready for Bataillon, it can be an all-day production.

Chrystel doing her hair.

Bernadin and Job on their way down the hill

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