Monday, March 3, 2008


Yesterday, I was at Dr Bernard's house in Thomasin with BethAnn, Kendall, Christine and a few of the kids so we went to church with him. I like his church more than I like the one here in Bolosse for 4 reasons:
1. It's cooler
2. The service is shorter
3. I can actually hear the pastor clearly.
4. The worship songs sound like worship songs instead of funeral dirges.

What I do love about going to church in Bolosse is Sunday school. All of our kids go to Sunday school at 8:30 on Sunday morning, and after that, some of them go to the big Baptist church at the bottom of the hill while others stay at Sunday school for a sort of Kids Church service. I always join the older girls in their Sunday school class. It's a small group of about 15 girls, half of which are ours, and it's led by 3 women. They teach real practical faith and I love it! I am so glad that our girls have these women as guides and teachers. And our girls really do trust them. On several occasions, I've seen our girls crying on their shoulders or talking to them very seriously about issues. Last week, we discussed Proverbs 1 and each girl was asked to share a verse that stood out to her. Again, I just love the fact that the women make the girls think for themselves about their faith and then talk about it out loud.

All the girls lining up to go to church, 2 by 2.

Monsanto in his Sunday best.
After Sunday school, Bryn and I went back to the orphanage because we wanted to have "church" for the older New Life Link kids. They don't get to go to church and although they learn about the Bible in school, I thought it would be nice to do something special for them on the weekends. I brought a bunch of coloring book pages depicting Bible stories with me so I chose one for this week and we took the 10 oldest girls out to the courtyard. We sang a few songs and then I told the story about Jesus letting the little children come to him. Then we put out the crayons and the girls each got to color a picture of Jesus and the kids. I hope to work with the older girls so that they can lead this "church" on Saturdays for the NLL kids.

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