Thursday, March 13, 2008


The boys waiting for everyone to get out of the house so we can go up to the field.There is loads of graffiti on the wall around the soccer field, so Renick grabbed a piece of charcoal and added his own graffiti to it: "God is so good".

Job got his report card today and he's just brimming with success!

Bernadin taking a break

and meditating?

The wall runs around 2 sides of the soccer field and prevents most awkward shots from going out of the Maranatha property. Sometimes though, a boy kicks it just too hard and it goes over.

Sometimes it gets stuck in the barbed wire on top of the wall.

It can be really hard to get it down.

When it goes all the way over the wall, one of our friends from the neighborhood or a few of our boys go through the doorway in the wall into the ghetto behind the wall to retrieve it.
I've never been through the door in the wall. It's like an entrance into the secret garden or the door to Narnia or something. I have spent months on one side of it but I have no idea what strange things lie on the other side.

Arguing a foul on the field

Jude and Renick try to re-enact Zidane's famous head-butt of the 2006 World Cup.

Here he comes...

...and WHAM! Ouch.

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