Saturday, March 1, 2008

The kids

Stephanie J and Nadia show off a cake from a party over the weekend. And then Nadia yelled at Stephanie for stealing a bit of the frosting. Monsanto and Renick hanging out.


This is Stanley, "my baby". In our elaborate game of house, Stephanie Q is my wife and Stanley is our baby. He has a full head of hair, so last weekend, the gals braided his hair. I like him better with his fro.

My first day - all the girls and me on my bed looking at photos of my team.

On the way back from playing soccer.

Monsanto is just so cool!

Acheley and Ernso on the soccer field, not playing soccer, of course.

I brought a doll tea cup set for Wislandy and Nounoun. They were very excited.

I finally snuck a full face photo of Merline Guillaume, my Haitian mama!

This is sled races...sort of. Wislandy pushing NLL babies across the girls' room in a chair.

Edeline wanted to be completely ready for the blizzard that is supposed to hit Haiti next week.

And Milouse had to join in.

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ange said...

You have to know that all of the pictures of my girls made me cry!!! Josiane turns 7 on Friday, BOO!!!!! Give them all loves for me and my sweet Jessi too.
thanks Kez you made my day!